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a good memory, is a bad thing

a good memory is a bad thing

a good memory
is a bad thing

you recall the first anniversary
even of that last thing
still fresh in the memory
their that very last ping

the ping you received
4 days before leaving
the formality there ceased
while leaving you sobbing

courage, humor and grace
taking along for so called surviving
spitting right onto your face
left to continue their life enjoying

all those songs for them
that you used to sing
classified as the cursed gem
and now you even stop listening

with whom you felt every moment
as if its the season of spring
and unlike the season quotient
you die seeing people changing

a good memory
is a bad thing

Silent Conversations

Silent Conversations

Let the witty and playful light
Speak right in to your eyes
Pay it some patient attention
You’ll enjoy the conversation

Don’t Wait Till The End

Don't Wait Till The End

Lights can be seen inside the tunnel too… not just at the end.


Pic Details: Clicked while driving on Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

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