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Supermen Of Malegaon!

Supermen of Malegaon portrays an un-told, un-cared, un-bothered, un-known yet a very inspirational story of a group of people in Malegaon who make spoofs of popular Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Supermen of Malegaon is a documentary turned movie of one such spoof in the making.

Distance-wise Malegaon is 300 kms from Mumbai but time-wise it is still around 300 months behind but for some people their craziness for film making here has taken a step ahead. The town is still caught under several age old social practices like women are not allowed to work anywhere except their home where, they think, there is never a shortage of work. This results in a serious problem of whom to cast as the female lead in the movie. Other than the leading lady, female roles are done by men dressed up as female and for the female lead they have to call up someone from outside the town.

The movumentary traverse through how they make movies with very limited resources and kept running frequently in financial problems. They faces several difficulties, which are quite big for them on their canvas. Their problems may seem to be nothing chintaa-worthy to the big producers in mayanagri who have got individual departments for every aspect of the movie but for Nasir in Malegaon, who is taking care of every department (!!!), they are pretty serious. But still there is some passion involved which drives Nasir and who in turn encourages his crew that, no matter what, they have to finish this race.

As some one rightly said in between that it is comedy which stays for long! He gives the reference of Charlie Chaplin and thus they aim to hand some laughs to everybody even if it comes at the cost of laughing at themselves.

They make you laugh unintentionally. Their efforts, their problems, their incidents tickles the funny bone but in between these laughsticks there are some candid moments too which makes you think. Even these guys have a vision about life. They have their version and you can clearly notice the veracity in those eye!

But in-spite of all these odds, still these people dream of making movies and they make them too!

Everybody dreams of Mayanagri Mumbai and only few of them make it to there. But there are some for whom Mumbai is not everything. Some person are happy where they are and that is what matters to them. And Nasir is one of them who never thinks of heading to Mumbai. He is happy in Malegaon and satisfied with what he is doing!

One last word for one of the crew member who regret not able to reach Mumbai yet, “You may have not been able to complete ‘that’ 300 kms journey to Mumbai but you guys surely have reached the hearts of many!”

PS: Thanks a zillion to PVR guys who have organized this PVR Director’s Rare where we less mortals can witness these under-rated and unexplored gems. Moreover, thank you again for screening few of those in E-Square Pune where there is no PVR.

She Says…


Give me a name, give me a face!
Accept me as I am.
What if I am a girl…
I am very much a part of you…
Both of you!
A symbol of your love.
Allow me to enter in your world!
Give me a chance to witness your world.
I promise I won’t let you down,
One day I will make you proud.
Free me from this cage…
Give me a name, give me a face!

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