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Take Care


Let me tell you something, my friend.
Hope is a dangerous thing!

~ Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding

(The Shawshank Redemption, 1994)


Being Rekha

Have you ever thought of how does it feel to be Rekha? The Rekha of Amitabh.

Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan were first cast opposite each other in Do Anjaane. Apparently, that’s what Amitabh wants them to be now.


They might have loved each other and while Rekha never denied this, Amitabh never accepted this relationship. And not only this, he walked out of it, married someone else to lead a happy life. Of course at the cost of someone. A castle built on the ruins of someone’s heart. Afraid of fighting, even for himself, he chose the easy path, and an advantageous one too.

Amitabh married Jaya Bhaduri when he was slowly rising to star status and was not actually a super star. During that time Jaya was an established actress and marriage with her helped him a lot with positive publicity and foothold in bollywood. He became the ultimate star, a star far enough for Rekha to reach to.

And what did Rekha got? All she was left with is to try to present herself in a totally different way, hiding all that going on inside and fighting alone, with herself, in those lonely nights and illuminated yet dark days.

She loved him more than anything else in the world, but may be she was just an ego trip for him.

Rekha Ji! Though I wished you a happy birthday but I know its doesn’t make any sense because I know you can’t have one now, or for that matter, ever, you say it or not. However, I don’t need to wish a happy birthday to you too Amit Ji. Because I know you must be having one.


तुम तो अमित बन आगे निकल गए
और हम अकेले यहाँ रेखा बने रह गए

KAHAANI – Mother of a Story

“OK! So you have to essay a role which in turn requires you to play another role.”

“A role in another role… Sounds something like inception… Hmmm interesting!”


So when was the last time you left the theater and not discussing about the movie, because you were so lost in picking different pieces and trying to assemble them!

Well Kahaani is a movie of that kind. And as the trailers mentioned it is not just the story of a mother but mother of a story too!

Let me start from the end! Thanks Sujoy Ghosh for considering the audience intelligent enough that they will decode rest of the plot on their own. I loved that there is no spoon feeding in the end like other suspense thrillers. The credits start rolling within moments after the suspense is revealed. Viewers got busy to recollect the pieces from the movie and start out solving the puzzle, in fact looking for a point which was not justified in the movie! Yes there were some debatable things, in my opinion, but the movie advances at such a pace that you don’t have time to notice those flaws. Its so gripping that you find yourself involved in it and keeps on wondering that what is happening and what will be the reality when the movie unfolds completely. Total points to Sujoy Ghosh for keeping the viewers on their toes throughout the movie.

And of course it is Vidya Bidya again that acts as catalyst for this experience. The choice of roles of this lady and the dedication with which she does her part has got everybody bowing to her. One of the remarkable scenes in the end goes like this:

The last scene!

A kick on the womb and Vidya Bidya felling down…

*you are shocked*

Close up of Vidya Bidya… you can feel the pain in the eyes!

*you are still shocked*

A tear rolling out… Eyes getting closed…

*Pause* *now what*

Vidya Bidya about to open her eyes again…

*you are getting high and desperate to know what next*

And and and she opens her eyes and you can notice the vengeance in those eyes!

*and you are wondering what is this*

Not more than this, in case you haven’t watched it yet! 🙂

Vidya Bidya here leaps ahead all of the others!



But its not about Vidya only.

The movie showcases some other brilliant performances too. You cannot ignore theadorable, sensitive and soft Parambrata Chatterjee as Satyaki Sinha/Rana and the aggressive, straight and focused Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Khan, the IB officer. But the  show stealer and surprise performance for me is by Saswata Chatterjee! Bob Biswas, the contract killer who, in a brilliantly scripted way, is a LIC agent in another world! He shows a perfect example of how even lesser number of appearances can create a impact on viewers. The moment he appears on screen, you know dangerous and shocking is about to happen!



Another character which silently registers is the city Kolkata. Beautifully captured! And not just Howrah Bridge. I think the Paschim Banga Govt should declare the movie tax free, at least in the state, as it is definitely promoting the tourism for Kolkata. For me the next destination on cards is Kolkata… and the metro, and the tram, and the yellow taxis and the red Kolkata Police Van… and all this of course during Durga Puja!

I also loved the metaphors in the movie. A few to mention includes Vidya Bidya telling the meaning of Satyaki as Arjun ka Saarthi wearing a mysterious smile, whose actual reference was later revealed in the end! Idol of Durga getting submerged as if to signal the identity and story of Vidya Bagchi getting lost.

One more thing! You can pull Jhankaar Beats from theaters, but you can’t pull it off Sujoy Ghosh’s heart 😀 Something will be there which will ignite the memories of Jhankaar Beats. First and obvious one was the Boss! Various compositions of R D Burman can be noticed playing in background in several scenes. Arnab calling Vidya, his wife, as biwi in a flashback scene reminded me of what Deep (Sanjay Suri) used to call Shanti (Juhi Chawla) in Jhankaar Beats (Not sure if this is a characteristic of being a Bengali).

Now the debatable points. Managed to get two till now. The count may increase after another show of the movie. But I hope it does not. The first one is why Vidya was shown with Milan Damji, as her husband, in flashback scenes when there was no similarity between her husband and Milan Damji, as presented throughout the movie but later clarified in the end! Also how come Vidya knows about the peacock near the lift in MonaLisa hotel/lodge when, in reality, her real husband never stayed there!

Oh yes! In case you are still wondering about what the beginning part served here in this post, its my way of a dedication to the movie. The movie too starts on a completely different node and as it advances the things shown in the beginning start to make sense. If you have watched the movie you can understand this. And if you haven’t watched it yet… well go and I assure you will not regret witnessing this experience! Aami Shotti Bolchi!

Paan Singh Tomar dekhi? Kaho Haan!

Paan Singh Tomar, the movie – A few things other than the obvious…

There is difference between a dialogue and a dialogue delivered by Irrfan! No one in this industry can match or even come close to that cadre. And the cherry on the top is when he delivers this dialogue without uttering a single word. Yes! The eyes, the expression, the body language… you’ll realize later that he didn’t opened his mouth, yet conveys you the dialogue! In a scene in the movie Paan Singh Tomar, Irrfan’s coach tells him that he will be training him for the steeple chase. Irrfan says that he don’t have any idea about steeple chase… but he will run and so says yes! Out of this, the only word he said was  ‘Ji‘. For the rest, he didn’t have to say a word. Thus, no wonder, he was the apt choice to play the protagonist in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s biopic about the athlete turned dacoit baaghi Paan Singh Tomar.


There are several things to be appreciated in the movie apart from just the story. Its not always easy to make a biopic and keep the interest level same throughout the movie. But Tigmanshu Dhulia and Sanjay Chauhan (the writers) has done a fantastic job in this case. Thanks to some dialogues and one liners by Tigmanshu Dhulia himself which kept the audience glued and entertained in case they might have felt the movie monotonous. Some examples:

  • The most popular: Beehad mein ‘Baaghi’ hote hain, ‘Dacait’ milte hain parliament mein!
  • baap chhalkaaye jaam aur beta baandhe ghungroo!
  • beta daro mat… ye police ki vardi mein police hi hai!
  • baap na maare mendaki, beta teerandaaz!


Its a very well researched biopic which leaves very little to point a finger at. The location, the dresses and most importantly the language and dialect! All these things show the extensive research done by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Sanjay Chauhan. Having a connection from that area, I was at ease in the movie, as against others who are not able to understand the dialogues. Anyways for such guys there were sub-titles provided in some theaters. (I watched the movie in two different theaters. Cinemax had subtitles while the subtitles were missing in the show at BIG Cinemas.) The usage of words like hamaayi for hamaari (ours/mine), haigi and haigo for hai (it is), mauda-maudi for ladka-ladki (a boy and a girl) and bhajat for bhaagna (to run). The last time I saw such seriousness in dialogues, according to the language and dialect of the place, was in Vishal Bhardwaj Ji’s Omkara.


The story also showed that a person can leave the Army but the things that he learns from there remains with him. The fondness and special liking for a particular ice cream even 30 years after retiring from army clearly says this. At one place he says to his nephew, “Gusse ko aakhiri round ke liye bacha kar rakho”. The same was taught by his coach during his training. Asking his son to go and join his duty, against his will, in irrespective of what happened with his family. Calling the Collector for the land issue and going to the police (after his son was beaten up mercilessly), instead of instantly drawing out the gun and go for the kill actually depicts that the Army has made him disciplined and increased his faith in the system that to go by the process is the right thing. Incidents like these showed that ‘Once a Fauji always a Fauji.’


Though being a dacoit baaghi, PST also has another side of his character. Hailing from Chambal, he has got the rawness, roughness and impudence stuck to him. But at the same time he has got a considerable emotional quotient too. The time he is with his family, specially sending his children to buy lemonchuse to spend some ‘quality’ time with his wife, shows another side of the coin named PST. His agreement to withdraw his name from the 5000 meter race on the grounds of a personal problem of his coach sends the message that sometimes things for him don’t get categorized on the plane logic of good and bad. Also his justification for not surrendering to the police (Surrender means he is guilty of his acts which, he thinks, is not) is another facet of this part of his character.


Some other high points (according to me). Flies humming over petha (sweets) at a sweet vendor, the naai (barber) acting as messenger, the fidgeting of the father of the pakad (kidnapped) and his shaving by the naai, though he is clean shaved, but to deny any clue to anybody nearby  that his kin is kidnapped by PST. These kind of minute details are brilliantly embedded and actually added to the credibility and the authenticity of the time and place in which the movie is set.


Of course there are a few shortcomings in the movie. In the end, PST got shot on his back by the police force. But in the next scene, there were no bullet holes on his back. Also at this time while some incidents of his life flash against his eyes, there was a scene which was not shown earlier in the movie (must have got edited out during final editing but it was not removed from the last scene). However these things are like needles in a haystack of awesomeness which should not be given too much of weightage.

In the end, TD dedicates the movie to those sportsperson who made India shine but later they were forgotten and not taken care by government. Their demise didn’t bother anybody. In some way, TD is also signaling towards the condition of those film makers who have got potential and whose movies are remembered but no one knows about them. A perfect case is the movie Haasil. Many people have watched and loved Haasil and Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster but only few know Tigmanshu Dhulia. Yes! the name is still not known to the much of the jantaa! But I hope Paan Singh Tomar will make his name common in the households. Kaho Haan!

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta!

Oh yes! You remember something like this title. Not able to recall completely? Well to help you, this is a Bollywood movie released in 2010. Yes now you are recalling something. Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta – a movie, which made news for the nude scenes by its leading lady, Aruna Shields. However there was not only this, what was offered by the movie. The movie had a very nice and unusual storyline backed up by a few good performances (Prroshant Narayanan, Naved Aslam), along with some awful too (Aruna Shields). But still hats off to the director Pravesh Bhardwaj for making such a bold yet mature movie. Though I feel that the movie was quite slow and becomes dull at some times, but still it has got few moments which were nicely scripted and shot. Things like a man painting the toe nails of a woman are brilliantly portrayed. Another notable thing is that though the title is Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta, the main protagonists of the movie are Mrs. Singh and Mr. Mehta. Now it is unsaid in the movie that the story revolves around these two only because of their respective spouses. This justifies the unusual title for me. Both these characters start off as the cheated victims but later on, they find themselves as the cheaters. But the most notable and appreciable aspect of the movie is the music. It has got some excellent ghazals which do not hold back the already slow movie but actually contribute to the move and mood of the movie. I had not listened the songs before watching the movie but when I encountered them in the movie I pitied on them. Scored by Grammy-nominated sitarist Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan and Shaarang Dev Pandit, son of Pandit Jasraj, the soundtrack of Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta joins the list, where some very good music did not get its deserved acclaim because the movie went unnoticed. The album comprises of 6 vocals tracks and 4 instrumentals and anyone will be hooked to it, at least I am. Add to that the lyrics by Amitabh Verma doubles the delight.


  • Ai Khuda – Sung by Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan himself, this ghazals reminds of 80s. sung with ease and in a very sophisticated way. Very smooth and once you listen to it 4-5 times you will not realize when it captured your lips. Nice lyrics too. My pick of lyrics is ‘deewangi ki yeh intehaa…tanhaa bhari mehfil mein hain…
  • Baarhaan Dil Mein – This has two versions, male and female. The female version, carrying the melodious voice of Shreya Ghoshal, immediately grabs the liking, while it takes some time and repeated play for the male version, sung by KK, to make its way into your heart. Both versions have very less use of instruments to bring up the effect of vocals and lyrics. My pick of the lyrics is ‘dil hai bezaar jism bejaan hai, koi ehsaas hi nahi baaki…na ye aankhein ye soch ke hui nam, humsafar to naa they kabhi tum hum…
  • Fariyaad Hai – A good blend of folk and Sufi. Richa Sharma has sung this kind earlier too and this one is no different but still its a good listen.
  • Behoshi Nasha Khushboo – Aaaah a familiar voice! Is that Udit Narayan, along with Shreya Ghoshal? So good to hear him after a long time. A lovely breezy melody, with the signature voice and style of Udit Narayan. My pick of the lyrics is ‘bheege hain paseene mein…thandi si jalan hai, saanson mein…
  • Ajnabi Aankhein – starts with flute in a haunting manner, and then it goes to another league of songs known as ‘Roop Kumar Rathod Songs’. His mature and soothing voice, along with the flute takes the song to a completely different level. The use of guitar just after the mukhda also takes you by surprise but adds only to the goodness of the song.


This is not a movie/music review and frankly speaking I am not expert at it too. This is just a small effort to make people aware of some very good movie/music which got lost due to insufficient promotion and unawareness. Do watch this movie for the director Pravesh Bhardwaj, who took the courage to break the ice and made such a bold and sensuous movie on infidelity. Do watch the movie for Prroshant Narayanan, who gives yet another brilliant performance. Imagine a husband who knows that his wife is cheating on him but yet he loves her so much that he find himself helpless and cannot discuss this with her. Such complexity of the character is essayed simply by Prroshant Narayanan. And above all, do watch the movie for its background score and perfectly timed and equally brilliant songs. An album you can just listen on and on and on for its melody, lyrics and the effect it creates when you are listening to it…alone!

Daftar Ka Punchnama

I don’t know how much people have liked the movie ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’, but i have liked it a lot. My previous post may have delivered this to you. And in fact there is not only me but others too, I have found at my workplace, who are becoming fan of the movie. And one such guy is this Vikas Bhatt. One of the main reason we bond closer is, definitely our obsession with this movie. Every now and then, various dialogues and scenes of the movie are recited in our conversation. No doubt ‘Liquid’ steals the show for us because of his hatred about the work place and there, like many others, we connect to his role. Aur ek din yun hi baaton baaton mein, accidentally Vikas started to recreate the Rajjo’s 5 minute rant taking workplace and people there in to account. And as they say ki kharbooje ko dekh kar kharbooja rang badalata hai, I found myself joining him in no time. We reproduced most of Rajjo’s dialogue as far as we could remember. And then suddenly an idea popped up in my mind *evil grin* 😉 “WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN RAJJO’S DIALOGUE HAD THEY BEEN DELIVERED BY LIQUID!” Bas! We recreated the complete rant with reference to the workplace. Check this out and comment about what you feel.



And here are the complete dialogues…

arrey yaar!

kya arrey yaar? koi problem hai?

problem! problem ye hai ki woh manager hai aur main resource. aur kya problem hai.

problem ye hai ki main chahta hoon ki main office mein aaram se kaam karoon.

lekin agar main office mein aaram se kaam kar hoon toh ye uski life ki sabse badi problem hai.

bullshit he is angry yaar! bullshit he is worried yaar!

ussey toh khush hona chahiye…celebrate karna chahiye, because isn’t that exactly what he wants!


seriously yaar. aajkal toh jab bhi mooh kholta hai lagta hai poora ka poora cubicle thoons doon mooh mein uske.

kasam se yaar inn teen saal mein I had it all. sab dekh liya maine


abe kaun sa job? kaisi company? kaisa project?

IT mein job ka matlab hi hota hai – “An End To Your Personal Life”!

iske baad all u got to worry about is-

late night working, project ka deployment, clients ke saath call.

appraisals! salary hike! sabse jyaada important hai aur sabse jyaada worry waali cheez wahi hoti hai.

project ke liye kuch bhi yaar.project ke naam pe kuch bhi karaate hain.

project ki release date. arrey module ki release date hai to late night work karna padega!

saala ek zamaana ho gaya, shaam ka dhalta suraj dekha tha hamne.


aur ye managers na! bhai, inn managers ko koi bhi khush nahi rakh sakta.

“A Happy Manager is a Myth”

tu kisi bhi employee ko dekh le naa.

jab woh kisi doosre project mein hoga toh ek manager kya bolega-

“tum to kaafi hard working lagte ho! kaafi intelligent ho!

kaam khatam karke jaldi ghar chale jaate ho.thats good.

sabko jaldi hi kaam khatam karke ghar chale jaana chahiye.

i would love to have you in my project.”

aur jab wahi resource uske project mein aa gaya toh saala manager kya bolega-

“tumhaara kaam mein mann kyun nahi lagta?

tumhaare experience ke hisaab se ye kaam toh tumhe ab tak khatam kar dena chahiye tha.

tumhe itni jaldi kyun padi rehti hai office se jaane ki?

sab log rukte hain to tum bhi ruk jaaya karo.”

saala apna ullu seedha karne ke liye kuch bhi bolte hain.

samjhte kya hain hum logon ko! aise hi resource nahi bola jaata bhai hum logon ko.

bataa raha hoon. because for them we are just resource whom they can exploit.

insaan toh samjha hi nahi jaata hum logon ko. we are just resource for them.


sab kuch na, sab kuch kiya dhara inn thok ke bhaav khule engineering colleges ka hai.

saala 4 saal ki engineering… BE/BTech ki degree… 100% placement…

bas kahani khatam!

saala iske baad ki kahani koi nahi batata. iske baad ki kahani main batata hoon.

iske baad aadmi do ghanta late aaya –

“tum itna late kyun aate ho?”

do ghante jaldi pahunch jao –

“tum itni jaldi aakar karte kya ho?”


Saala demands and expectations khatam nahi hoti yaar inki.

ek to jo high priority task hota hai inka kabhi batate nahin hain.

uske liye pehle do week kahenge, do week dimaag chatenge ki iske liye ek document banao.

aisa document inko banaa ke do. uske baad, do hafte pehle chaatenge aur document banwaayenge.

uske baad jab inko bhejo to ek sadaa sa chhita do line ka mail aayega inka bas –

“we will discuss this in meeting.”

aur meeting mein hota kuch nahi hai. aadhe ghante ke baad it was decided ki-

“ek kaam karte hain. tumko do hafte ka time aur dete hain. iska updated version banao document ka.”

aur ye saala aisa document jisko koi nahi padne waala.


saala kaam kar rahe ho, beech mein mail aa jaata hai inka –

“look in to this.”

mail ka reply do –

“sir abhi i am busy. i will look into this later on. i am busy in a high priority task.”

toh ek aur mail karenge. phone kar denge uske saath –

“ek baar isko dekh lo pehle.”

abe dekh lunga to tujhe kya mil jayega mere baap.

naa ye kaam kar paunga naa woh kaam.

baad mein bologe dono kaam nahi hue.


sabse jyaada, sabse jyaada dimaag ki dahi toh iss lotus, communicator aur outlook ne kar rakhi hai.

har thodi der mein pop up…pop up…lo ek aur pop up.

saala ghar pe baith kar kaam kar rahe hain aur usmein bhi inka pop up aaya jaa raha hai.

subject line…urgent! ek toh koi mail inka aisa hota nahin jiski subject line urgent naa ho.

sab ke sab hi urgent. abe koi toh mail bhejo jiska urgent naa ho subject line.

aur din mein jyaada mails aane se ghante badh jaate hain din ke?

arrey mat puchh bhai. bahut buri haalat kar rakhi hai inn logon ne.

iske baad inke mail ka jawaab bhi do inn logon ko.

“why your performance has degraded since last few months?

i don’t know why i choose you for this project.”

abe mujhe kya pata why you chose me for this project.

ghar jaake apni biwi se puchh le!

aur ab jab samajh mein aa hi gaya hai toh mere baap release karde iss project se.


tujhe bata raha hoon bhai, jahan bhi likha rehta hai naa ki

we aim for employee satisfaction, sab jhooth hai. pakke se jhooth hai.

inn logon ko agar matter karta hai toh bas high level pe baithe employees ka satisfaction aur kuch nahi.


kuch urgent kaam kar rahe ho, inka meeting request ka pop up aa jaata hai.

poore din mein ek toh pachchees meeting karwaate hain ye log.

accept karo. meeting karo. wapas aao.

phir aadhe ghante mein ek aur pop up.

“you are a very responsible resource. you should attend these meetings.”

abe kaam kya karte hain ye manager din bhar. meeting request hi bhejte rehte hain kya?

do meeting request accept mat kariyo, phir dekh kaise lagegi teri.

ek dum extension pe call aayega. seedhe call aayega tere ko extension pe –

“i don’t think you are serious about your project.”

thodi der mein you are very responsible resource se i don’t think you are serious about this project.

and this is when the project is going as per the deadlines, as per the expectations.

sab kuch time pe ho raha hai to bhi inko dikkat hai.


ab pata chala ye software engineer naa, aisi haalat kyun rehti hai inn logon ki.

aur ye naa HR aur administration waale kyun itne khush rehte hain.

because they don’t have a manager on top of their heads to screw their happiness by reminding the bloody deadlines.


log kehte hain naa ki IT waalo ke yahan toh paisa barasta rehta hai.

lekin ye koi nahi kehta ki sabse jyaada gareebi mein bhi IT waale bande hi rehte hain.

kabhi andar jhaank kar dekho, garrebi se joojhte hue hi milenge IT waale bas.


saala kaam kar rahe hain koi pool ya table tennis thodi hi khel rahe hain.

phir bhi seat par aa aa kar poochhenge- “What are you doing?”

iske baad jaane se pahle inhe DSR bhejo.

kuch achcha implement karna ho toh pachaas baar inka approval lo.

aur iske beech mein, agar tumhe kabhi do minute ki chain ki saans leni ho…

tumne aankh band kari aise aaram se. itni der mein phir se koi tumhaare sar par aakar khada ho jaayega.

tum dekhoge – manager! “what are you doing?”

kuch nahi soch raha mere baap. main soch raha hoon ki kyun main iss line mein aa gaya.


main tujhe bata raha hoon you never discuss any thing with your manager.

because every discussion with a manager actually results in a meeting.

aur meeting mein toh ye kisi ko kuch bolne hi nahi dete bhai.

hum developers task ka implementation perspective dekhte hain.

ki ye kaam ho sakta hai ki nahi, ho sakta hai to kaise hoga, kitna time lagega.

lekin inko ye cheez koi matter nahi karti. inko naa sirf end result chahiye.

implementation perspective jaisi tuchchi si cheez ke liye ye client se kabhi negotiate nahi karne waale?

aur ek baat bata doon. jo abhi current mein issue aayega usko kabhi discussion nahi karenge ye log.

iska discussion hoga do mahine baad jab uski deadline aayegi.

aur woh tab hoga jab tumhe yaad nahi hoga ki do mahine pehle kya discuss hua tha.

sochte kya hain, iski deadline toh do mahine baad hai. isko baad mein dekhte hain.

tab ki tab dekhenge.


chhutti nahi dete bhai bilkul bhi. tu kabhi try kar liyo leave maang kar.

tujhe lagega ki iss baar toh solid reason lekar jaa raha hoon, iss baar to leave le kar hi rahoonga.

lekin tabhi ek gadaa hua murda ukhaad ke laayenge- “you are supposed to do this work.”

tujhe yaad bhi nahi hoga ki ye kaam tujhe kabhi assign bhi hua tha.

phir bhi you are supposed to do this work.

suddenly all your discussion about your leave will flush down the gutter and mudda banega ki

“you were supposed to do this work.”

abe kab assign kiya tha mere ko. kaun assign karta hai.

tum manager ho, tum assign karte ho mere ko. mere ko toh kabhi nahi assign kiya tumne.

kuch bhi divide karte ho kaam. kuch bhi assign karte ho kaam.

saala woh agar client se kuch requirements discuss nahi kar paaya, kyun? because he was busy.

aur tumne koi tuchcha sa document, jissey saala koi padhega bhi nahi, woh tumne nahi banaya toh you are irresponsible.


saala company join karaate hi naa, ab samajh mein aaya ki business communication ka session kyun rakhte hain?

kyunki woh tumhe batana chahte hain ki beta ab tumhe aisa hi sun’ne ko milega.

inkaa signature style hota hai ye baat karne ka.


achha ab ye baat bataa mera manager tere paas kyun aaya tha?

tu mera TL hai toh tere paas aakar meri baat karega.

ab tu ek baat bataa, ab main uske senior ke paas jaakar kuch bolun toh woh kya sochega.

“kyun tum toh mere senior ke paas meri complaint karne gaye they!

tum unko batanaa chahte ho ki i am not managing the project effectively!

why don’t you go to the CEO directly? ya phir sabko ek mail daal do mentioning all my flaws?”


saala kuch nahi ho sakta inn sofware engineers ka main bataa raha hoon bhai.

apni zindagi aise hi katne waali hai. aise hi kaam karte rahenge.

office mein kaam karo, daftar mein kaam karo aur yahan ghar pe aakar phir kaam karte raho ye.

kyun aa gaya main iss line mein…kyun aa gaya main iss line mein.

ye problem hai meri…ab samjha!!!


This is a maiden and very novice attempt and  i am not sure whether u like this video or not but that didn’t restrict me to pay enough thanks to two guys. Of course Vikas Bhatt and the man behind the camera Hemant Jain, who not only held the camera, make the arrangements but also played an important role in directing this video along with several modifications in the dialogues. Thanks guys! This would have not been possible without your support 🙂

PS: iss post ke sabhi patra aur ghatnaayein kaalpanik hain. inka ka kisi bhi jeevit ya mrut vyakti athvaa ghatnaa se koi sambandh nahi hai. agar aisa hota hai toh issey maatra ek sanyog kahaa jaayega! 😉

Request: This is just a spoof and thus please take it in good spirits. My intention is not to offend anybody by any word stated here. It is just for some healthy humor. And even after this, if anybody feels offended, I apologize in advance for that.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama – a real hard ‘punch’ on the face of so called pyaar!

Note: This post can be a bit offensive to girls ‘prajaati’, so please read at your own risk 😉

There are some unsaid yet widely accepted truths among boys ‘prajaati’. You never have to prove those things but discuss. But as I mentioned, its widely and not completely acceptable. So sometimes you need to show those truths also and pyaar ka punchnama aims at that. few months ago we have seen ‘Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Jee’ which hits hard on the girls nature and philosophy and PKP can be considered as a prequel to that but with more effect.

I have already heard about the movie, seen the promos but after highly reco’d by few friends, what initially was a plan to watch at home actually got converted to rush to cinema hall for the first available and possible show. managed to reach on time. felt happy the moment i saw the white certificate on screen that the movie is about to begin. But at the same moment felt a bit disappointed after noticing ‘Re-Revised'(couldn’t get the meaning of this actually) in brackets ahead of the movie name. However it didn’t created much difference except for some ‘tch-tch’ moments during the movie, when the beep sound ruined the aimed effort.

Waise after a long time I had so much ‘laundaayi’ fun during a movie. Right from the very first scene and without any word spoken i have started laughing because of those typical bachelor gestures of no-matter-who-is-at-the-door-i-wont disturb-MYSELF. And there enters Nishant aka Liquid (Divyendu Sharma) and there he gets a huge fan following the moment he opened his mouth and started yelling in Saada Dilli Da Launda style. I thought he is gonna be the show stealer of the movie but i am glad that other two guys, Rajat aka Rajju (Kartikeya Tiwari) and Vikrant aka Vicky/Choudhary (Rayo Bhakirta), proved me wrong. But the first half totally belongs to Liquid due to his witty dialogues and the way he delivered them. The way he acts through out the movie as an IT guy is superb. Add to that is his ranting dialogues about the #YehSaalaDaftar. “Arrey wahi saali kutiya saali manager. Do takke ki r**nd saali lipstick lagaa ke manager ban gayi hai saali haraamzaadi saali”. “Kutton ka koi sunday nahi hota…kutte saaton din kutte hi hote hain”.

The movie was presented in total different and fresh way and I think that was the USP. The movie excellently portrays what actually happens among bachelors. How they treat each other (read – jahan mauka mile maar lo doosre ki) – refer the scene where Neha says that she thinks she is interrupting the personal space of the guys by hanging out with Rajju at their home. How they talk actually (read – maa behen ki gaalis are the essential part of not just every conversation but every sentence) – refer nearly every beep in the dialogue of a scene where only the boys are present. How they are ever ready to support each other during bad phases (read – laundiya yaar se badkar nahi hoti) – refer the scene where Rajju and Chaudhary rush to meet Liquid when he was crying. How they call each other (read – your name on the 10th board certificate is for office and rest of the world, we will call you by a name which we like) – refer the nicknames Liquid and Rajju. And there are several other moments which every guy can connect to. As for example the curious case of Rajju being harassed by Liquid as Rani made me recall the treatment to seven sisters of my boys hostel during my engineering. Few of those were  Liladhar and Ashish who were treated like Rajju by the complete batch, apart from naming them ‘Lili Darling’ and ‘Basanti’ respectively. Then there were nicknames and their weird origins. Or more recently my last roomie…’Guddu Jaan-E-Mann’ who is no less than Rajju darling 😛 D K was called as ‘Jungle’ because of his hairy chest. Sumit was named ‘Kaalu’ as he was the most ‘gora-just-like-doodh’ guy in the batch #KuchBhi. There are several others incidents about which everybody can say that yes it was something like what happened with me.

Came interval, popcorn and movie starts again and with in a few minutes we have our cute Babu ka Rajju with non-stop-more-than-five-minutes-continuous-no-ranting-but-realities lines. Whoaaa what was that. I have seen that many people have shared that scene on various social networking sites and in spite of hearing acclaim about it i had not watched it. I was thinking that for the first time this should be seen within the movie only. And my God! Rajju joined the league of Liquid after that scene. He perfectly essayed the role of a confused guy that where he went wrong with Neha. Several times he encountered the harsh realities related with girls behavior. Saala Neha kare to pyaar aur Rajju kare toh balatkar!

Of course through out the movie there was this Chaudhary. A Silent Assassin. I am sure many girls will be drooling after him. For me he played his role very effectively. One just can’t ignore his presence due to his tough looks and his ‘kam bolo but to the point bolo’ attitude but above all due to his intense eyes.

Then comes the best song of the movie ‘baanwre’ and its picturization that what have you become after these girls stepped in to your life. Where are the original Liquid, Rajju and Chaudhary??? There came the realization that Bhaad mein jaaye laundiya. Badal ke rakh deti hain launde ko…hahaha

Overall, as others have also said, a must watch movie for boys…for the new fresh faces who acted well…for the writer and director Luv Ranjan who brought the movie and the most for the dialogues by Luv Ranjan and and the way actors justified them.

I know that this movie has actually depicted some realities but yes all girls are not like that. Lucky are those who found true LOVE and I just hope that one didn’t fall in the trap, and got frustrated like our Rajju in following scene…

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