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Donate A Viewing To Vicky Donor!

The problem with movie on the subjects which are a kind of taboo in Indian society, is that either they become too boring (and classified as Art movies) or gets too offensive with cheap and obscene dialogues. But Shoojit Sircar brilliantly handles the issue of sperm donation in his second movie Vicky Donor, without being offensive or vulgar or too preachy and more importantly without taking help of double meaning dialogues in movie and transforming it into a sex comedy, which I was afraid of.

The movie shows the story of a guy Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana) who becomes a regular sperm donor after a long and successful instinct of convincing by Dr Chaddha (Annu Kapoor) and also pertaining to his financial condition. It has been marinated in a love story of Vicky and Ashima (Yami Gautam) with a pinch of Punju-Bong clash of the traditions. Finally we also have desserts in form of some emotional moments in the end.

Talking of the performances, Ayushmann Khurrana is a treat to watch.


Ayushmann Khurrana in Vicky Donor

His potrayal of a Dilli Da Launda is flawless. Be it the frustration over his mom for several reasons or the emotional scenes with Yami or handling Dr Chaddha while he is adamant to make him donate his sperms, he plays it with confidence. He is someone to look forward as an actor in future.

Yami Gautam, though being a Chandigarh girl, superbly grabs the essence of a divorcee, independent working Bong and played it perfectly. Except for a few scenes in the second half where she gets a bit louder, she is excellent in the movie and so is her father played by Jayant Das.


Annu Kapoor in Vicky Donor

But the show stealing performance was of Annu Kapoor. The infertility specialist Dr Chaddha who is not getting a good  sperm donor and thus being harassed by his clients transforms him in to doctor who only concentrate on sperms and relate everything to it. He got so focused in his job that all his talks revolve around the sperms of a person. The mention of the sperm can’t go without his fingers doing sprinting sperm gesture. He has goodies in his office in shape of sperm and hangs one in his car too! He even categorizes qualities of different people on the lines of the sperms as Greedy Sperm or Confused Sperm. His assistants Chaman (Bupesh Pandya) and his nurse Lata (K.V Rajni) were also some good characters and casted and played typically.

However the surprise package is the characterization and chemistry of Vicky’s mother and grandmother played delightfully well by Dolly Ahluwalia and Kamlesh Gill respectively. The modern and tech freak Beeji (she wants an LCD and gets upset when she receives a 16 GB iPhone instead of 32 GB) and the nagging and single mother of Vicky and their typical punjabi saas-bahu conversations over a couple of drinks are hilarious.

The Punjabi-Bengali marriage issues were a distraction from the subject and could have easily been skipped but glad they bring it in the movie. It actually strengthened the movie putting in some good sequences and adding some more laughs. Brilliantly handled and made audience chuckle in good spirits. I hope the movie do not gets banned in Paschim Bongo keeping in mind a few jokes in the movie and the recent mood of Momta Di. Oh wait, I hope I don’t get jailed for making this comment.


a scene from the song Paani Da Rang

The music also adds to mood of the movie. Rum Rum Rum is already a big hit and features aptly in the movie during the marriage. Paani Da Rang is also creating waves, appears twice and both versions are good. Rest all songs are nice and come in for a short time in the movie and thus don’t slow down the movie much.

A round of applause for John Abraham too for taking up this issue and producing a path breaking movie.


Vicky Donor

Over all Vicky Donor is a genuine thoroughly entertaining movie with no forced comedy.

Do donate some of your time to this movie. It surely deserves it. So book your tickets and encounter some good entertaining sperms errr… I mean characters 🙂

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