Lets Stop This…


He loved her coffee, she hated his cigarettes.

Both are going in the wrong directions. She is waiting for something which is happening. He is trying for something which is not going to happen.

However, the smell of coffee along with the smell of love was dying out slowly in her opened milieu. The smell of smoke along with the smell of love was filling up his room. The smell of love was moving slowly, from her to him, but not dying.

How he wished, she has taken up the coffee earlier! How she wished, he had not picked up the cigarette! How they wished, they both be having coffee together. Just coffee, no cigarettes.

They still can, if they really want!

He is ready, if she agrees, to douse the cigarette in coffee and drink it!


Pic Source – Word Porn


About kartikulations

a 'DESI' at heart. movies n music trivia lover,lazy blogger, kabhi kabhi photographer... but 'PET' ki 'AAG' k aage ussey 'DIL' ki 'AWAAZ' ko ansunaa karna padaa and he ended up being a software engg. View all posts by kartikulations

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