This Night



The Night
No color can corrupt it
It hears my heart beat
It hides from me, everything
It absorbs all my tears
It listens what I cannot say
I Curse, still doesn’t hit back
This night
Kills me every night
Its so black
That I cannot see you
Its so silent
That I cannot talk to you
Its so dark
That I cannot find you
Its so gentle
That I thrive on my tears
Its so quiet
That I cannot hear you
Its so humble
That I gave up every time
I am dying
Every night
I am going
To the night
One day
I will be
A Night


About kartikulations

a 'DESI' at heart. movies n music trivia lover,lazy blogger, kabhi kabhi photographer... but 'PET' ki 'AAG' k aage ussey 'DIL' ki 'AWAAZ' ko ansunaa karna padaa and he ended up being a software engg. View all posts by kartikulations

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