KAHAANI – Mother of a Story

“OK! So you have to essay a role which in turn requires you to play another role.”

“A role in another role… Sounds something like inception… Hmmm interesting!”


So when was the last time you left the theater and not discussing about the movie, because you were so lost in picking different pieces and trying to assemble them!

Well Kahaani is a movie of that kind. And as the trailers mentioned it is not just the story of a mother but mother of a story too!

Let me start from the end! Thanks Sujoy Ghosh for considering the audience intelligent enough that they will decode rest of the plot on their own. I loved that there is no spoon feeding in the end like other suspense thrillers. The credits start rolling within moments after the suspense is revealed. Viewers got busy to recollect the pieces from the movie and start out solving the puzzle, in fact looking for a point which was not justified in the movie! Yes there were some debatable things, in my opinion, but the movie advances at such a pace that you don’t have time to notice those flaws. Its so gripping that you find yourself involved in it and keeps on wondering that what is happening and what will be the reality when the movie unfolds completely. Total points to Sujoy Ghosh for keeping the viewers on their toes throughout the movie.

And of course it is Vidya Bidya again that acts as catalyst for this experience. The choice of roles of this lady and the dedication with which she does her part has got everybody bowing to her. One of the remarkable scenes in the end goes like this:

The last scene!

A kick on the womb and Vidya Bidya felling down…

*you are shocked*

Close up of Vidya Bidya… you can feel the pain in the eyes!

*you are still shocked*

A tear rolling out… Eyes getting closed…

*Pause* *now what*

Vidya Bidya about to open her eyes again…

*you are getting high and desperate to know what next*

And and and she opens her eyes and you can notice the vengeance in those eyes!

*and you are wondering what is this*

Not more than this, in case you haven’t watched it yet! 🙂

Vidya Bidya here leaps ahead all of the others!



But its not about Vidya only.

The movie showcases some other brilliant performances too. You cannot ignore theadorable, sensitive and soft Parambrata Chatterjee as Satyaki Sinha/Rana and the aggressive, straight and focused Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Khan, the IB officer. But the  show stealer and surprise performance for me is by Saswata Chatterjee! Bob Biswas, the contract killer who, in a brilliantly scripted way, is a LIC agent in another world! He shows a perfect example of how even lesser number of appearances can create a impact on viewers. The moment he appears on screen, you know dangerous and shocking is about to happen!



Another character which silently registers is the city Kolkata. Beautifully captured! And not just Howrah Bridge. I think the Paschim Banga Govt should declare the movie tax free, at least in the state, as it is definitely promoting the tourism for Kolkata. For me the next destination on cards is Kolkata… and the metro, and the tram, and the yellow taxis and the red Kolkata Police Van… and all this of course during Durga Puja!

I also loved the metaphors in the movie. A few to mention includes Vidya Bidya telling the meaning of Satyaki as Arjun ka Saarthi wearing a mysterious smile, whose actual reference was later revealed in the end! Idol of Durga getting submerged as if to signal the identity and story of Vidya Bagchi getting lost.

One more thing! You can pull Jhankaar Beats from theaters, but you can’t pull it off Sujoy Ghosh’s heart 😀 Something will be there which will ignite the memories of Jhankaar Beats. First and obvious one was the Boss! Various compositions of R D Burman can be noticed playing in background in several scenes. Arnab calling Vidya, his wife, as biwi in a flashback scene reminded me of what Deep (Sanjay Suri) used to call Shanti (Juhi Chawla) in Jhankaar Beats (Not sure if this is a characteristic of being a Bengali).

Now the debatable points. Managed to get two till now. The count may increase after another show of the movie. But I hope it does not. The first one is why Vidya was shown with Milan Damji, as her husband, in flashback scenes when there was no similarity between her husband and Milan Damji, as presented throughout the movie but later clarified in the end! Also how come Vidya knows about the peacock near the lift in MonaLisa hotel/lodge when, in reality, her real husband never stayed there!

Oh yes! In case you are still wondering about what the beginning part served here in this post, its my way of a dedication to the movie. The movie too starts on a completely different node and as it advances the things shown in the beginning start to make sense. If you have watched the movie you can understand this. And if you haven’t watched it yet… well go and I assure you will not regret witnessing this experience! Aami Shotti Bolchi!


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