Pyaar Ka Punchnama – a real hard ‘punch’ on the face of so called pyaar!

Note: This post can be a bit offensive to girls ‘prajaati’, so please read at your own risk πŸ˜‰

There are some unsaid yet widely accepted truths among boys ‘prajaati’. You never have to prove those things but discuss. But as I mentioned, its widely and not completely acceptable. So sometimes you need to show those truths also and pyaar ka punchnama aims at that. few months ago we have seen ‘Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Jee’ which hits hard on the girls nature and philosophy and PKP can be considered as a prequel to that but with more effect.

I have already heard about the movie, seen the promos but after highly reco’d by few friends, what initially was a plan to watch at home actually got converted to rush to cinema hall for the first available and possible show. managed to reach on time. felt happy the moment i saw the white certificate on screen that the movie is about to begin. But at the same moment felt a bit disappointed after noticing ‘Re-Revised'(couldn’t get the meaning of this actually) in brackets ahead of the movie name. However it didn’t created much difference except for some ‘tch-tch’ moments during the movie, when the beep sound ruined the aimed effort.

Waise after a long time I had so much ‘laundaayi’ fun during a movie. Right from the very first scene and without any word spoken i have started laughing because of those typical bachelor gestures of no-matter-who-is-at-the-door-i-wont disturb-MYSELF. And there enters Nishant aka Liquid (Divyendu Sharma) and there he gets a huge fan following the moment he opened his mouth and started yelling in Saada Dilli Da Launda style. I thought he is gonna be the show stealer of the movie but i am glad that other two guys, Rajat aka Rajju (Kartikeya Tiwari) and Vikrant aka Vicky/Choudhary (Rayo Bhakirta), proved me wrong. But the first half totally belongs to Liquid due to his witty dialogues and the way he delivered them. The way he acts through out the movie as an IT guy is superb. Add to that is his ranting dialogues about the #YehSaalaDaftar. “Arrey wahi saali kutiya saali manager. Do takke ki r**nd saali lipstick lagaa ke manager ban gayi hai saali haraamzaadi saali”. “Kutton ka koi sunday nahi hota…kutte saaton din kutte hi hote hain”.

The movie was presented in total different and fresh way and I think that was the USP. The movie excellently portrays what actually happens among bachelors. How they treat each other (read – jahan mauka mile maar lo doosre ki) – refer the scene where Neha says that she thinks she is interrupting the personal space of the guys by hanging out with Rajju at their home. How they talk actually (read – maa behen ki gaalis are the essential part of not just every conversation but every sentence) – refer nearly every beep in the dialogue of a scene where only the boys are present. How they are ever ready to support each other during bad phases (read – laundiya yaar se badkar nahi hoti) – refer the scene where Rajju and Chaudhary rush to meet Liquid when he was crying. How they call each other (read – your name on the 10th board certificate is for office and rest of the world, we will call you by a name which we like) – refer the nicknames Liquid and Rajju. And there are several other moments which every guy can connect to. As for example the curious case of Rajju being harassed by Liquid as Rani made me recall the treatment to seven sisters of my boys hostel during my engineering. Few of those wereΒ  Liladhar and Ashish who were treated like Rajju by the complete batch, apart from naming them ‘Lili Darling’ and ‘Basanti’ respectively. Then there were nicknames and their weird origins. Or more recently my last roomie…’Guddu Jaan-E-Mann’ who is no less than Rajju darling πŸ˜› D K was called as ‘Jungle’ because of his hairy chest. Sumit was named ‘Kaalu’ as he was the most ‘gora-just-like-doodh’ guy in the batch #KuchBhi. There are several others incidents about which everybody can say that yes it was something like what happened with me.

Came interval, popcorn and movie starts again and with in a few minutes we have our cute Babu ka Rajju with non-stop-more-than-five-minutes-continuous-no-ranting-but-realities lines. Whoaaa what was that. I have seen that many people have shared that scene on various social networking sites and in spite of hearing acclaim about it i had not watched it. I was thinking that for the first time this should be seen within the movie only. And my God! Rajju joined the league of Liquid after that scene. He perfectly essayed the role of a confused guy that where he went wrong with Neha. Several times he encountered the harsh realities related with girls behavior. Saala Neha kare to pyaar aur Rajju kare toh balatkar!

Of course through out the movie there was this Chaudhary. A Silent Assassin. I am sure many girls will be drooling after him. For me he played his role very effectively. One just can’t ignore his presence due to his tough looks and his ‘kam bolo but to the point bolo’ attitude but above all due to his intense eyes.

Then comes the best song of the movie ‘baanwre’ and its picturization that what have you become after these girls stepped in to your life. Where are the original Liquid, Rajju and Chaudhary??? There came the realization that Bhaad mein jaaye laundiya. Badal ke rakh deti hain launde ko…hahaha

Overall, as others have also said, a must watch movie for boys…for the new fresh faces who acted well…for the writer and director Luv Ranjan who brought the movie and the most for the dialogues by Luv Ranjan and and the way actors justified them.

I know that this movie has actually depicted some realities but yes all girls are not like that. Lucky are those who found true LOVE and I just hope that one didn’t fall in the trap, and got frustrated like our Rajju in following scene…


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