Here I Go…

Hmmm…so another one bites the dust and here I am with another blog on this expanding like hell blogosphere…

So what is the USP with blog???Frankly speaking there is nothing special!!! Its not something(which can be anything) specific blog. Just like other blogs I am using this medium to express my desultory thoughts on various random topics.

There are times when I just wanted to write off something on some things, but THE THOUGHTS just remained thoughts. Primarily this is because I am a very very very lazy and moody guy. So whenever I sensed any thought of writing growing with in me, I used to indulge myself in some other activities and convience my mind by yelling “SOME OTHER DAY YAAR“! So even after this that I’ve started, chances are there that I might not be very regular in postings.

Both of my parents are writers, so being their biological son, traces of the same appears to be injected in me too. Here the word traces is used intentionally because I am not able to recall any other word to mention the minimum amount and to specify the closest accurate amount beacuse I am not good at writing, to be precise writing is not my cup of tea at all. But the very few writer blood cells, inherited from my parents, always kept me pinching for a long time and finally NOW all their efforts seems to be paying off.

There are several other reasons too to write a blog. I’ve been following several blogs for quite a long time and one major, common thing which I noticed in almost every blog was the main reason for my resistance. The thing is the vocabulary, at which I am not very good and incidentally that is one of those things which used to impress me in many blogs. One of my mentor suggested me that reading and writing increases the vocabulary content, so I thought writing a blog will also trigger the increase in my vocabulary, as a background process(#AnAdvantage) and infact it has already started while searching an appropriate name for this blog.

Being a normal human being(you can demand the proof, I’ve it with me :P), I may definitely make some errors and might hurt someone but that will be totally unintentional. So my apologies for the same in advance. And please do tell me about the improvements. I’d love hear from you and will try my best to ameliorate.The postings will primarily related to my passions and interests viz movies, music, photography, puzzles, current affairs and some other random topics.

Hoping to kick off my laziness and post regularly, here I go…


About kartikulations

a 'DESI' at heart. movies n music trivia lover,lazy blogger, kabhi kabhi photographer... but 'PET' ki 'AAG' k aage ussey 'DIL' ki 'AWAAZ' ko ansunaa karna padaa and he ended up being a software engg. View all posts by kartikulations

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