Our World


Come with me
Away from that place
Which they call
A world
Lets make this place
Our very own
A new world
A new world of our solace
W for world
W for We



Lets walk
On this path
You love me too
As much as
I love you
Where search for yourself
Ends at me
And I found you
Inside me
Where you and me
Next to each other
Appear like just one
And a mirror
Where all the
History geography and chemistry
Come together to create
A divine symmetry

The Journey

The Journey

The journey from wound to scar is most painful. And the worst part is, that it doesn’t end on scar.

a good memory, is a bad thing

a good memory is a bad thing

a good memory
is a bad thing

you recall the first anniversary
even of that last thing
still fresh in the memory
their that very last ping

the ping you received
4 days before leaving
the formality there ceased
while leaving you sobbing

courage, humor and grace
taking along for so called surviving
spitting right onto your face
left to continue their life enjoying

all those songs for them
that you used to sing
classified as the cursed gem
and now you even stop listening

with whom you felt every moment
as if its the season of spring
and unlike the season quotient
you die seeing people changing

a good memory
is a bad thing

Silent Conversations

Silent Conversations

Let the witty and playful light
Speak right in to your eyes
Pay it some patient attention
You’ll enjoy the conversation

Don’t Wait Till The End

Don't Wait Till The End

Lights can be seen inside the tunnel too… not just at the end.


Pic Details: Clicked while driving on Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Being Rekha

Have you ever thought of how does it feel to be Rekha? The Rekha of Amitabh.

Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan were first cast opposite each other in Do Anjaane. Apparently, that’s what Amitabh wants them to be now.


They might have loved each other and while Rekha never denied this, Amitabh never accepted this relationship. And not only this, he walked out of it, married someone else to lead a happy life. Of course at the cost of someone. A castle built on the ruins of someone’s heart. Afraid of fighting, even for himself, he chose the easy path, and an advantageous one too.

Amitabh married Jaya Bhaduri when he was slowly rising to star status and was not actually a super star. During that time Jaya was an established actress and marriage with her helped him a lot with positive publicity and foothold in bollywood. He became the ultimate star, a star far enough for Rekha to reach to.

And what did Rekha got? All she was left with is to try to present herself in a totally different way, hiding all that going on inside and fighting alone, with herself, in those lonely nights and illuminated yet dark days.

She loved him more than anything else in the world, but may be she was just an ego trip for him.

Rekha Ji! Though I wished you a happy birthday but I know its doesn’t make any sense because I know you can’t have one now, or for that matter, ever, you say it or not. However, I don’t need to wish a happy birthday to you too Amit Ji. Because I know you must be having one.


तुम तो अमित बन आगे निकल गए
और हम अकेले यहाँ रेखा बने रह गए


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