रात चाँद और मैं

raat chand aur main


रात चाँद और मैं
छुपते फिरते हैं
इक दूसरे से

और छुप-छुप कर
ताका भी करते हैं
इक दूसरे को

रोज़ का खेल है ये

चाँद तो फिर भी
बेमन से आता है कई बार
अधूरा-अधूरा सा
और कभी-कभी तो
आता ही नहीं
लेकिन रात
रात हमेशा आती है
बिना नागा किये

खेलना पड़ ही जाता है
रोज़ का खेल

और जब थक जाते हैं
तब हार कर
प्रयोग कर ही लेते हैं
अपने अपने ब्रह्मास्त्रों का

फिर रात दिखती है
मलिन होती हुई
सूर्य की लालिमा से

और चाँद दिखता है
दूर क्षितिज पर
धरा में समाते हुए

और मैं
मैं हर बार
तलाशने लगता हूँ
कि कैसे खेलना है
ये खेल अगली बार

कितना  अच्छा होता अगर
मैं भी कतरा-कतरा
खंडित हो पाता
किसी की लालिमा से
मैं भी समा पाता
किसी धरा में

कितना आसान है ना
उन दोनों के लिए
छुपना दिन के उजालों में

Use Me

use me

Tissue Papers




Chewing Gums



A Robbery

A Robbery

she robbed him
of everything
even his senses

there is nothing now
he can see and embrace
all he is capable of
is to see her face

when he tries
everything smells bad
against her sweating body
when they were naked in bed

amidst all the noises
he feels like deaf
not able to hear anything
apart from her heart beats

all the tastes
got lost in an eclipse
his tongue remembers
only the taste of her lips

she was indifferent, it seems
affected by none as such
thats why she said while leaving
keep in touch



He used to make her laugh always…

She laughed off his feelings too.

End of story!

Lets Stop This…


He loved her coffee, she hated his cigarettes.

Both are going in the wrong directions. She is waiting for something which is happening. He is trying for something which is not going to happen.

However, the smell of coffee along with the smell of love was dying out slowly in her opened milieu. The smell of smoke along with the smell of love was filling up his room. The smell of love was moving slowly, from her to him, but not dying.

How he wished, she has taken up the coffee earlier! How she wished, he had not picked up the cigarette! How they wished, they both be having coffee together. Just coffee, no cigarettes.

They still can, if they really want!

He is ready, if she agrees, to douse the cigarette in coffee and drink it!


Pic Source – Word Porn


U and I

U and I

I see
U and I
only on keyboards.
I seek
U and I
only in words.
U don’t want
to be with I
in any of the worlds.



You are stronger

Than You think,

You are.

Surprise Everybody.

Yourself too!


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